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Replacement Windows: Opening Up the Kitchen

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If your kitchen seems dark and uninviting, look for ways to use a minor kitchen renovation to solve your problems. Are there small windows in an area that can support a larger window? Are you staring at a wide wall without windows in your breakfast room? Replacement windows can be the answer.

Where to Add Replacement Windows

Windows can be added - or larger windows installed - in almost any location. You'll want to ask your contractor for advice on how to maximize your light potential. The contractor should avoid major structural costs by staying clear of rooflines, heating soffits, and other building components. Otherwise, look around for:
  • Wall openings that can support a 24 to 36-inch (or larger) window.
  • Small windows that can be enlarged.
  • Wall space near the ceiling where a rectangular transom window would bring in light.

Options in Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are sold in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations. Think of your home's architectural style when deciding between:
  • Rectangular replacement windows with divided light panes.
  • Square windows with clear glass for full visibility.
  • Windows with frosted or etched glass to filter light while adding privacy.

Replacement Window Styles

The way the window operates also is important. Consider:
  • A larger casement window above your sink. This cranks outward. Casements also work well in areas where vertical space is limited and double hung windows will not fit.
  • Creating a wide open view with a bay window in the breakfast room with a stationary window in the middle and casement windows on side.

There are many ways to do a minor kitchen renovation that focuses just on windows. You'll be surprised at how extra light spruces up your kitchen.

About the Author
Allison E. Beatty is a syndicated real estate writer. She has been a writer of home improvement columns for 15 years. Her articles have appeared in numerous national newspapers and magazines, and on home improvement web sites.

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