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Spice Up Your Kitchen on a Budget: Adding Accessories to Your Cabinets

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Modern homeowners are determined to get the most out of their kitchens, which leads to a variety of projects to increase kitchen style and functionality. If your problem is kitchen layout and organization, but you like the style (so you don't need to reface your cabinets) and you're on a budget (so a remodel is out of the question), what options do you have? If you like your cabinet styles but wish the layout was more efficient, consider adding some of these accessories to your cabinets to help organize the interior.

Accessories to Increase Kitchen Functionality

  • The lazy Susan. If you have a corner cabinet or a corner of the pantry where it's difficult to reach the back, consider installing a lazy Susan. You can get them in pie cut, kidney, or round shapes. Instead of launching an excavation to find what you need when you cook, it can be available at the turn of a table.
  • Mug hooks. Under-shelf mug hooks can give you extra cabinet space. If you've got more mugs than shelf space, and your mugs aren't the type that stack easily, installing a few mug hooks can increase your storage space.
  • Peg drawer organizers. Keeping your bowls, plates, pots, and pans in a drawer has never been easier. Peg drawer organizers are extremely useful to keep items in deeper drawers organized. You can place the pegs where you want them, so it gives you flexibility.
  • Tray drawer organizers. Almost everyone has a drawer organizer for their silverware, so why not consider drawer organizers for other utensils as well? These days, you can find basic models like drawer organizing trays that include knife blocks all the ways to cutlery organizers with specific shapes for your pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, bottle opener, and pastry wheel.
  • Spice storage. The soul of cooking is in the spices, and yet in a well-stocked kitchen, they can be one of the most difficult items to find. If this is the case, consider a spice carousel or lazy Susan, a 3-tier spice cabinet organizer, or a pull-out spice rack, which stores your spices flat in one layer, allowing you to pull the rack down and out and see at a glance what's there.

Even if you're not ready to reface your kitchen cabinets or remodel your kitchen, you don't need custom drawers to achieve kitchen functionality. A few small accessories might be all you need in your kitchen.

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