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Storage Options for Drawers: Kitchen Decluttering and Organization

by Judi Sandall
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When you're considering refacing your kitchen cabinets and drawers, you might want to look at some of the new options for drawers. Kitchen refacing projects provide the perfect opportunities to add innovative drawer storage solutions that keep kitchen clutter off your counters and keep your "stuff" organized.

Storage Drawers: Kitchen Organizing Options that Pull out the Stops

When planning your kitchen cabinet refacing project, consider these clever storage drawer options from Artcraft Kitchens:

  • Pegboard drawers. This drawer has a peg board bottom and removable pegs so you can make adjustments to keep any sized objects from sliding around.
  • Knife and utensil inserts. Wooden cutouts hold all of your knives in place from your cleaver to the steel rod that you use to hone your knives. Utensil drawers are also available with cutouts for your pizza slicer, can opener, or wine opener.
  • Spice container drawers. Metal containers with lids are set into wooden cutouts in the drawer for easy access to spices and seasonings you use most frequently.

You can also find pullout drawers that provide additional kitchen counter space or drawers with dividers that hold your glassware. When holidays come around, it's so much easier to access the "good" glasses that normally reside in the back of the cupboard without having to move all of the "everyday" glasses at the front. Use the shallow space in front of your sink for a tip out tray to keep sponges and scrub brushes out of sight.

Storage solutions for your drawers and kitchen organization come in a wide range of price options from $30 or $40 to substantially more for custom work. But as long as you're refacing for looks, why not retool those drawers in your kitchen and make your kitchen life less cluttered and more organized.


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