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Surviving without a Kitchen During Your Reface or Remodel

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Refacing and remodeling your kitchen are both great ways to increase your kitchen's beauty and add value to your home. But, unfortunately, both projects mean that you have to do without a kitchen for a short period of time, from a couple days for a reface to several weeks for a remodel. If either of these projects is in your future, here are some ideas for getting by without your kitchen.

Ways to Survive Without a Kitchen

  • Set up a temporary kitchen. If you have a basement, garage, or utility room with a sink, these could serve as kitchen areas. Set up a table to use as a counter for food preparation.
  • Keep access to your fridge and freezer. To save money by not eating out, make meals ahead of time and freeze them. You can defrost them later in your refrigerator and microwave them in appropriate portions. This should be fairly simple if you're refacing your cabinets; if you're remodeling, consider keeping your fridge until the end, even if you have to put it in a different room.
  • Keep kitchen utensils in clear plastic storage containers. Choose the items you use most, and keep those out. Storing them in clear plastic containers allows you to easily see what's inside and keep things organized.
  • Pull out the electric cookware. Crockpots, electric griddles, panini makers, and toaster ovens can be amazing devices if you're stuck without a kitchen. Not only can you use them to prepare a variety of meals, but they take up little space and all they need is an outlet and a non-flammable surface on which to sit.
  • Use a camping cook stove or barbecue. If you're fortunate enough to be refacing or remodeling your kitchen during warm weather, set up a camp stove on your deck, or get creative with your barbecue. You can make a lot more than hamburgers on the grill.
  • Invest in paper plates and cups. If you don't have a room with an extra sink and you are refacing your kitchen cabinets, purchase some paper plates and cups. The fewer dishes you have to wash in the bathtub or bathroom sink, the less frustrating it is. Of course, if you're doing a longer remodel, all those plates can create a lot of trash, so it might be best to designate a particular sink or bathtub as the area for washing dishes (only!).

Don't be overwhelmed by the thought of spending tons of money to eat out during your kitchen remodel. With a little pre-planning and some creativity, you can continue to make meals at home.


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Melissa Bullard earned a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, then a Master's Degree in Spanish Language and Literatures from the University of Nevada, Reno. She has taught writing, literature, and Spanish classes, and is currently working as a fre

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