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Thinking Outside the Box - Kitchen Cabinet Layout Tips

by Gigi Siguenza
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When your kitchen is cramped and hard to work in, you begin to think of renovating. But if your budget is limited, what do you do? The answer could be to repurpose your existing cabinets in a new kitchen cabinet layout.

A new kitchen does not have to involve months of renovations and contractors. It could be as simple as using your existing cabinets in a better kitchen cabinet layout. If this sounds like it might be the answer for you, consider these design tips when planning your new kitchen.

Good Kitchen Cabinet Layout Starts With a Triangle

One of the basic elements of good kitchen design is functionality. While your kitchen might be a big box with smaller boxes inside, the most important shape in the room is actually a triangle. The work triangle is the functional space created by the distance between the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. In good kitchen cabinet layouts, the work triangle allows the cook to reach all three elements easily.

Look at your existing kitchen cabinet layout and determine if the work triangle is functional for you by asking some of the following questions: Is the distance between any of these elements too long? Are there obstacles that interrupt this triangle and make it difficult to reach any of these areas? Does the traffic pattern impede the work triangle greatly? Perhaps repositioning one or more of these appliances might alleviate some of the problems of your current kitchen.

Repositioning these appliances might involve having to reposition some of the cabinetry. When planning your new kitchen think about your work triangle, the cabinets you have, and how they can be repurposed in your existing kitchen. With a little ingenuity, a fresh coat of paint, and a good kitchen cabinet layout, you can have a new, more functional kitchen without spending a fortune.


About the Author
Gigi Siguenza is a freelance writer and currently works in products & marketing. In the past, she has attended school for commercial art and design, as well as having worked as a kitchen and bath design specialist. She is an avid reader, and whenever possible, she pursues her love of art in its many forms.

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