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Turkey Day kitchen angst? Tech to the rescue

by Patricia Davis Brown
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

OMG! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you're stuck with an out-of-date kitchen and a house full of hungry guests on the way, some of whom you actually want to impress. You have one slide in your electric range and a microwave. There just doesn't seem to be enough troops to win this battle against a turkey with its army of side dishes. It's all so overwhelming, but never fear. Technology is here…poof!

Turbo Oven

1. Turbo oven to the rescue!

What's this you ask? It is your second oven…with all of the latest technologies that you find in some of your most expensive built-in brands. The turbo oven uses a combination of halogen, microwave and convection heating technology to achieve fast, healthy and energy-efficient cooking. These ovens provides more even heating and cooking by circulating hot air through the entire oven to eliminate hot and cool spots.

This can be a perfect way to bake your turkey, leaving it golden all over, instead of just on top. The best part of this technology is the time saved; it cooks your food 25-30 percent faster than conventional ovens, and that really helps relieve stress. You'd better hold onto your kitchen counter when I tell you that this oven uses 80 percent less energy than the old-timer ovens do, and you can take that to the bank! You can purchase this oven from several online sources. It ranges in price from around $70--$85. All of the reviews are great.

Before your fingers hit the keyboard I have more…

2. iGrill uGrill...

Let me introduce you to your new best friend…the iGrill. The iGrill is a wireless Bluetooth cooking thermometer that is compatible with the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The app is free through your iTunes account. Ladies, do you want to be the diva of the day? When you pull this little device out of the drawer, watch how all the guys' eyes gloss over as they gather around for a demonstration. It's a no-brainer to use; you simply insert the thermometer probe and then go about your party looking completely calm, knowing your selected device will beep when your bird is perfectly done in your turbo oven.

IGrill smart technology

3. Nice pairing, Smarty

It seems at every party there is a wine snob, who claims to be an expert at pairing wines with the appetizers, the entree, the dessert… Prepare yourself to take on this wine know-it-all if you have the WineStein in your back pocket. The WineStein is an app that provides personal wine-and-food pairing advice. Simply enter your menu, and let WineStein do the rest. It uses an advanced artificial-intelligence software to evaluate your meal DNA, and then scores the best wine pairings. You get a list, with full descriptions, of wine types to match your menu. Wine expertise is only a free download away!

smart cutting board

4.Slice, dice strain...

Isn't this an artsy looking cutting board? I really like this board for prepping veggies. Made of "eco friendly" bamboo with a silicone, built-in strainer, it fits right over the sink. The board allows you to cut and chop the slipperiest of veggies, and then simply slide them into the built-in drainer and rinse. I love anything that makes my life easier, and this cutting board is a cutting-edge, smart choice.

Who says you don't have time to upgrade your kitchen before Thanksgiving? With these gadgets your food prep time should be shortened by 25-30 percent, and your new apps should dazzle even the techiest of your guests. Let technology do the work while you have a very happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

About the Author

Interior designer Patricia Davis Brown specializes in kitchen and bath renovations, and is the owner of Patricia Davis Brown Designs. Brown's work has garnered 15 national and several state awards and been recognized in numerous national publications over her 26 years in the design industry. In 2010, she took her mastery of space planning and design national by launching a virtual design company, ProfessionalKitcheandBathPlans.com and her online store PDBhomestore.com. If you want to know more about Patricia, visit her flagship site, www.patriciadavisbrowndesigns.com.

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