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Upgrade Tips for Refacing Cabinets with Drawers

Refacing kitchen cabinets with drawers can be a little different than working on door cabinets. And while you're at it, you may think about giving them more than just a face-lift: you may want to upgrade their function, too.

Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets with Drawers

If your cabinet refacing project is still in the planning stage and you're composing a list of new doors and drawer fronts to order, you might want to take a close look at your cabinets with drawers. Most modern cabinet drawers consist of a four sided box with a drawer front attached, but that's not always the case with older kitchen cabinets. Some older kitchen drawer configurations had the drawer front as the fourth side of the box and if your cabinets with drawers are built in that fashion, you'll have to make a few changes while refacing.

  • Remove the drawer from the cabinet
  • Measure the existing drawer front and order a new front with those measurements
  • Use a hand saw or jigsaw to cut the existing front down so it's even with the sides and top of the rest of the drawer box
  • When your new drawer front arrives, attach it to the rear of the box and the side with the old front is now at the rear when the drawer is placed back in the cabinet

Many kitchen cabinet supply companies carry modern parts for cabinets with drawers. If your old drawer boxes are beginning to fall apart from use or your guides don't work very well any more, your refacing project might be a good opportunity to install new boxes and guides so your drawer cabinets function as well as they look.



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