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Ways to Revamp Kitchen Lighting

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Your kitchen lighting can have a big impact on meal preparation. If you are constantly moving around the countertop to avoid shadows and poor lighting, chopping meats and tossing salads can become a frustrating experience. Here are ways to update your kitchen lighting as you plan a cabinet refacing project.

Add Functional Kitchen Lighting

There are several types of kitchen lighting, from functional to decorative lighting. When updating your kitchen lighting, start by planning functional lighting that illuminates space for everyday tasks.

  • Under cabinet lighting is an ideal way to enhance your kitchen lighting, as it helps eliminate shadows and lights up the back sections of the countertop under the cabinets. The main options in under cabinet lighting are florescent and halogen lights. Florescent lighting is inexpensive but has a blue color tone. Halogen lights have a whiter tone, but can become hot when left on too long.
  • Canned lighting helps focus light on certain areas, such as the kitchen sink or island. These lights are subtle in design, yet can boost the brightness in the room when needed. Try adding them over:
    • The kitchen sink.
    • The island.
    • The breakfast room.

Get Decorative With Kitchen Lighting

While task lighting is important, it does not have the pizzazz of decorative lighting. There is a vast range of options in decorative lighting, from dangling pendants to globes to chandeliers. Among the popular finishes are aged copper, oil rubbed bronze, and stainless steel. When selecting decorative lighting, try:

  • Blending the finish with cabinet hardware, tones in wall tile, or the colors in your floor.
  • Making the space above a kitchen island pop out with cobalt blue or bright red hanging pendants.
  • Coordinating your breakfast room lighting with the main kitchen lighting.

Kitchen lighting is an important element that should be factored into any kitchen remodeling project. Try a blend of functional and decorative lighting to cover all your needs.


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