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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

When you just need one replacement kitchen door

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Things happen. Maybe it was something as simple as dropping that hot dish fresh out of the oven, where it gouged a small hole in your cabinet and, just for good measure, covered the whole thing with lasagna. Maybe it was a not-so-innocent kick that connected with the cabinet door right after you broke that beloved vase. Either way, you have a single kitchen cabinet door that needs replacement. Where do you start?

Only one replacement kitchen door needed

If you're replacing a cabinet door that was bought stock, you're in luck. Brands like IKEA offer stock doors that can be replaced with a simple trip down to the store or a few clicks online. If you have custom doors, unique finishes or a particular stain, finding that one replacement kitchen door can be much harder. Try out these options:

  1. If you know where the door came from, go back to the store or manufacturer. The contractor who installed the cabinets might be able to help, too. Take in the damaged door and ask them if they still have that kind of door in stock.
  2. Can't find the perfect match? If you can find a similar door, you might be able to use it. Take the new door to a local craftsman and ask if they can tweak it a bit to match the old one. You might be surprised by what miracles they can work.
  3. For custom cabinets, a new custom door might be your only answer. Visit a skilled cabinetmaker with the damaged door and get quotes on what it will cost to create a new one from scratch.
  4. Once you have the new door, making it look like the others will take some work. Staining a new door to look like the old ones is a very tricky project, so you might need to strip all of the doors and resurface them with new stain or paint.
  5. If it is very difficult or expensive to make the new door match the old ones, consider turning the old ones into a "new to you" look. For instance, a skilled woodworker might be able to remove the damaged area and replace it with a glass insert. You could do this with all the cabinets for a uniform look.

Sometimes, all the effort in the world doesn't wind up with a perfect match. In that case, refacing all the kitchen doors might be your best bet. When you're ready to fix the problem, get in touch with a pre-screened, certified contractor who can give you a list of options and help you make your kitchen look new again.


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