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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: A Great Idea or Prelude to a Replacement?

by Ellen Foster
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

You've always known your kitchen cabinets were just "temporary." Maybe you didn't have the resources to renovate them when you moved in, and now, years later, you're still forced to face them each and every day. The problem? You still don't have the money to replace the cabinets. You wonder whether it's better to wait until you can replace those eye-sores altogether, or if a cabinet refacing will give you some relief and breathe new life into your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement: Should You Start from Scratch?

It all depends on the quality of your current cabinets and your long-term objectives. Are your kitchen cabinets meeting your needs in terms of storage space? Does the original building material seem sturdy? How long do you plan to stay in your home? If you plan to sell the house within a few years, new cabinetry can be a great investment. But if you're satisfied with what you've got structurally, it's probably not worth the major expense.  

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:

Cabinet refacing requires a fraction of the time and money of total cabinet replacement. Nevertheless, refacing can be an excellent way to give your kitchen a facelift. A cabinet refacing usually takes two to four days, and requires one to two craftsmen. They begin by removing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and preparing the frames for the new surface covering. The new finish can be nailed or glued to the old, and care is taken to add moldings or panels in areas where the old finish might be exposed. When the craftsman finally mounts that snazzy new cabinetry hardware, you'll swear you're in a different kitchen!


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Ellen Foster is a freelance writer and teacher. Currently, she is braving Mid-Atlantic humidity while teaching English as a Second Language to international students.

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