Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Give Your Kitchen Cabinets and Your Home's Resale Value a Natural Face Lift

by Sue Booth
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

The kitchen is one of the most prized rooms in your house, and updating it can be an efficient way to increase your home's property value. Kitchen cabinet refacing will give your kitchen a natural face lift and can also make your home more sellable.

High Impact: The Value of an Updated Kitchen

The kitchen can have a huge influence on a house's price and its marketability. According to many market researchers, kitchen renovation is one of the best ways to yield a high return on investment (ROI), second only to room additions. In some areas, the ROI for kitchen remodeling projects can be over 100%.

Refacing Your Cabinets: A Low Cost Idea that is High in Value

To make the most of your investment, minimize your renovation costs. Refacing your kitchen cabinets may provide one of the highest ROI of any kitchen remodeling project. Kitchen cabinet refacing often makes financial sense because it increases the value of the kitchen without high remodeling expenses.

Kitchen cabinet contractors can affix laminate or wood veneers onto your existing cabinet surfaces, creating a new look for your cabinets. With some staining and new hardware you can completely change the look of your kitchen--at only about one third of the cost of installing new cabinets. If your existing cabinets are in good shape, you may not want to get rid of them when you can update them for less. Another disadvantage of new cabinets is that they are installed individually, possibly leaving unsightly seams. Reface your cabinets and achieve a clean, natural look that can last for many years.

About the Author
Sue Booth is a freelance writer and a former product analyst for Good Housekeeping magazine. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

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