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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Boost Resale Margins with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

by Kirk Bangstad
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

In a continuously rising real estate market, people can stand to make a profit by buying and fixing up old houses. Many squeeze the most out of their investments with cabinet refacing projects.

Experts predict that the price of an average U.S. home will rise by a 5-6% annual rate over the next several months. Some areas have and will continue to experience double digit growth over the next several years. If you have a little money to invest and are willing to get your hands dirty, you could stand to make a profit by buying an older home, fixing it up, and then reselling it.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: A Low-Cost Project

In order to make the most money on your investment, you can't spend too much money refurbishing the home. The best way to fix up a house on a budget is to invest in low-cost projects that have a high return on investment (ROI). Cabinet refacing is an example of a project that can produce a high ROI. Kitchen cabinet refacing involves affixing laminate or wood veneers onto the surface of worn out cabinets. With some staining and new hardware, the project can make a kitchen look brand new. The materials and labor involved in a cabinet refacing project cost about a third of the expense of installing new cabinets.

Kitchens Projects Offer Highest ROI

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects offer the highest return on investment compared with other rooms in the house. In some markets, the ROI is over 100%, which doesn't include the appreciation value of the house in general. For this reason, cabinet refacing projects make good economic sense because they can increase the profit margin on an already profitable room.

If you're ready to take advantage or your bulging real estate market, make sure you get the most bang for your buck with a kitchen cabinet refacing project.

About the Author
Kirk Bangstad is an artist manager and singer working in Chicago, IL. His previous experience includes consulting for technology companies in the Silicon Valley and serving as a field director and publicist for a statewide political campaign. Kirk holds a B.A. in government from Harvard University.

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