Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Boost Resale Value With Cabinet Refacing

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Planning to sell your home within a few years? Consider cabinet refacing to help boost your kitchen design and overall home appeal.

Kitchen Design Can Boost Resale Value

The kitchen serves as the center of family activities, the heart of your home. When selling your home, it is important to improve your kitchen design, as it might lead to a higher sales price. Cabinet refacing can add the new look that might make your home sell quickly.

Select Kitchen Cabinet Style Carefully

There are a variety of kitchen cabinet styles to choose from when refacing cabinets. If you plan to sell your home shortly, look for kitchen cabinet styles that will appeal to a wide range of people. Among the common kitchen cabinet choices are:
  • Oak kitchen cabinets--a traditional cabinet broad appeal.
  • Maple kitchen cabinets--a lighter wood tone and cleaner grain than oak.
  • Cherry kitchen cabinets--create a more upscale kitchen design, but more costly.

Change Cabinet Hardware During Cabinet Refacing

New cabinet hardware can add the finishing touch to your kitchen design. During a cabinet refacing project, splurge a little on cabinet hardware to showcase your individuality. Even the most expensive cabinet hardware will only add a few hundred dollars. The result will be a kitchen design that potential homebuyers remember. Among the popular styles are:
  • Satin nickel knobs
  • Brushed chrome handles
  • Painted porcelain designs

Avoid Trendy Kitchen Designs

When planning a kitchen remodeling project for resale reasons, stay away from changes that will make your kitchen design too far from the mainstream. Avoid:
  • Ultra-contemporary designs.
  • Bold colored sinks or countertops--go with neutral colors or earth tones.
  • Wall or floor tiles that are too bold or stark.

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