Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Buying Kitchen Cabinet Replacements with Confidence

by Gabby Hyman
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Fitting your kitchen with high-quality replacement cabinets can be tricky. If you're going to purchase complete cabinet inserts and hardware, spend time evaluating the kit. You don't need to sacrifice workmanship for value, but examine the cabinet design and finish with care. It's easy to find ready-to-assemble kitchen replacement cabinets, but they carry a certain element of risk. Most pre-fabricated kitchen cabinet sets won't require power tools for installation and assembly. Some do. If you need help putting it all together, don't skimp on hiring a skilled kitchen cabinet professional.

Kitchen Cabinet Quality and Finish

You may decide to order your set online or with a telephone call to a catalogue center, but try and visit a showroom and examine the exact replacement cabinets and hardware ahead of time.

The length of time you expect to remain in the house and the kind of wear you get in your kitchen may ultimately affect your cabinet choice. From the list of choices you'll also have to decide whether you're after a completely stock replacement cabinet set or one which allows customization.

When you have a general idea of your cabinet, check the hardware design and woods used in each candidate. Do the hinges and suspensions glide easily? Are they adjustable? Are there corner struts to support weight-bearing shelves?

Look at the quality of that sanding and paint finish on the cabinets. Do your replacement cabinets have soft veneer paint as well as an easy-to-clean interior varnish? How smoothly does the cabinet open and close, and how tough are the latches?

Last chance considerations are important. Do your kitchen cabinets come with a warranty? Are salespeople available to give you support before and during the installation? Give everything a good test drive before pulling out your checkbook.

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