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Cabinet Refacing Answer to Budgetary Woes

by Kirk Bangstad
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Repairing kitchen floor damage can be a costly project. If you want to remodel your entire kitchen and your floors need work, you may have to cut corners to make your budget. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a way to save money without sacrificing quality.

Have you ever had a leaky sink? If it leaked for too long, your kitchen floor may have sustained some water damage. Repairing this damage may be affordable, but doing it in conjunction with an entire kitchen remodeling project might not be financially feasible. One solution to this problem is to invest in a kitchen cabinet refacing project instead of buying entirely new kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing an Affordable Alternative

The largest expenses in a typical kitchen remodel are the cost of new floors and new kitchen cabinets. If you know you have to replace your floors, you should consider cabinet refacing as an alternative to buying new cabinets. As long as your kitchen cabinets are in good working order, you can make them look practically new with a professional cabinet refacing job. Cabinet refacing consists of applying wood or laminate veneer to a kitchen cabinet surface, and then staining the insides of the cabinets to match the new veneer. This process, including labor, typically costs about a third of the price of installing new kitchen cabinets. From the surface, a maple or cherry veneer can look just as elegant as a kitchen cabinet made entirely out of one of these hardwoods.

Don't let your kitchen remodel break your bank. There are some ways to cut corners without skimping on quality. If you can't fit everything into your budget, opt for the kitchen cabinet refacing alternative and find the quality you're looking for at the price range that you can afford.


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Kirk Bangstad is an artist manager and singer working in Chicago, IL. His previous experience includes consulting for technology companies in the Silicon Valley and serving as a field director and publicist for a statewide political campaign. Kirk holds a B.A. in government from Harvard University.

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