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Cabinet Refacing: Costs Less, Looks Great

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you're discouraged about how much an entirely new set of cabinets will cost, think refacing. Cabinet refacing costs about a one-third of what you'd pay for new cabinets, with the same great results and quality guarantee.

A quick assessment of your kitchen cabinets will move you to action. If you have an older home, built at least ten years ago, there's a good chance that your cabinets are made with sturdy, solid wood. If your home is younger than ten years old, you probably have plywood, particle board, MDF, or a combination of all three. In either case, the cabinet refacing cost should prove much more agreeable than a full-scale replacement. There are varying degrees of refacing that can allow you to manipulate your expenses.

Cabinet Refacing Options

There are three main categories of cabinet refacing with varying costs. Ask you contractor for specifics on materials and labor before buying.

  • Repainting. For the lowest cost, a coat of high-quality paint and some new hardware works wonders. You can do your whole kitchen for under $100.
  • Veneering. Veneer is a thin, durable covering for your old cabinet doors.
  • Replacing. Refacing may cost more, but yield better results. You contractor will replace your old doors with new material.

Cabinet refacing: Call the Pros or Do It Yourself?

Doing the job yourself can save you even more money. Keep in mind, however, that cabinet refacing professionals complete projects like yours on a daily basis, and have the experience and know-how to save you a great deal of time, effort, and headaches.

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