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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Considering Custom Cabinets?

by Dawn West
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

From painting to refacing, there are many ways to improve the look of your kitchen cabinets. Still, nothing quite compares to replacing your old kitchen cabinets with new custom cabinets. Made-to-order, they'll give you just the look you want with special features, like extra storage to handy pull-out access. Just say the word, and it's yours. So, are there downsides to custom cabinets? Perhaps. Here's a look at the pros and cons.

They're Custom. Need We Say More?

Cabinets designed to your specifications give you a freedom in your kitchen renovation that's hard to match. You'll have a full range of designs is at your disposal.

Custom Cabinets are Pricey

If keeping kitchen cabinet costs down is of any concern, custom cabinets aren't your new best friend. While personalized cabinets are great, cookie-cutter designs will save you a lot of money. Kitchen cabinets can be one of the highest costs you incur during your kitchen renovation, so choose wisely. If you'd rather invest in flooring, fixtures, and other updates, custom cabinets are off the table.

Custom Cabinets Take Time

When you hire a custom cabinetmaker to build and install your new kitchen cabinets, you get to see a skilled artisan at work. That's an exciting plus, but if you're in a hurry, quickie cabinet refacing may save your patience. Be sure to consider kitchen cabinet time costs as well.

Custom cabinets can transform your kitchen into something truly amazing, but they aren't for everybody. Weigh your priorities and know when to walk away.

About the Author
Dawn West teaches writing at Oregon State University. Her previous experience includes working for the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance, a not-for-profit in New York City, and serving as the director for an educational program for at-risk youth in Boston. Dawn holds a B.A. in English from Harvard University.

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