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Dollars and Sense: Why Consider Cabinet Refacing

by Amy Fanter
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Ready to upgrade your kitchen? If you're like many homeowners, replacing your kitchen cabinets is probably on your to-do list. However, by choosing cabinet refacing over other cabinetry improvements, you not only can save money, but also make an investment that typically turns into a nice payoff when it comes time to sell your home. Here is a quick look at why investing in kitchen cabinet refacing makes sense - and dollars - when compared to other cabinet improvement projects.

The High Cost of Replacement

While the idea of ripping out your existing kitchen cabinets may be tempting, cabinet replacement can be an expensive proposition. On average, cabinets can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000 to replace, and you may need to pay more to move existing electrical outlets, plumbing, and appliances. The costs can be prohibitive, particularly when you consider that today’s new cabinets may not be as well constructed as the old ones hanging in your kitchen. That's why many homeowners choose cabinet refacing, refinishing, or repainting over replacement.

Cabinet Refacing, Refinishing, and Repainting     

While refinishing or repainting your cabinets will usually upgrade your kitchen for the least amount of money, cabinet refacing does have some distinct advantages. It offers longer lasting results with minimum inconvenience, and the opportunity to choose from a number of cabinetry styles. Though it may cost slightly more than a $3,000 to $5,000 refinishing or repainting job, kitchen cabinet refacing can be completed in a just a few days and won’t leave lingering chemical smells - all while remaining well below the cost of a full cabinet replacement.

If you are looking to fix up your kitchen within a budget and want your home improvement dollars to payoff, cabinet refacing could be the perfect solution for you.


About the Author
AJ Fanter is a freelance writer based in Reno, Nevada.

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