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How does door style affect kitchen cabinet refacing cost?

by Jeffrey Anderson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Refacing your kitchen cabinets can be an opportunity to give the room a fresh new look and it often starts with the doors and drawer fronts you choose. When you review the many kitchen cabinet styles on display at design centers and home improvement stores, the overall appearance of the cabinets is usually defined by two features: the wood finish and the door design. The same is true when planning your upgrade, but keep in mind that the door style you select can also affect your kitchen cabinet refacing cost.

Door styles and kitchen cabinet refacing cost

The style, finish, and even wood species of your new cabinet doors can be used to create just about any look you're striving for in your remodeled kitchen. A dark stained cherry door with a cathedral raised panel can give the room a refined elegant appearance or if you want a warm casual kitchen, try a light stained oak door with a shaker design. Door cost is usually determined by the wood species, type of finish, and the construction style. Wood species such as oak are more plentiful and easier to work with so they often cost less than rarer hardwoods such as walnut or cherry. If you select doors with a natural finish or a simple stain, they can be less expensive than those with custom options such as glazes or character accents.

The cabinet door styles and their level of difficulty to manufacture can also play a big part in determining their cost. The following are approximate prices for various styles of a stained oak wall cabinet door that measures 13 inches wide by 28 inches tall:

  1. Recessed panel--$57
  2. Shaker panel--$62
  3. Beadboard panel--$72
  4. Raised panel--$75
  5. Arched panel--$79
  6. Cathedral panel--$79
  7. Double cathedral panel--$82

Styles such as recessed and shaker panels that have solid frames and veneer centers are normally less expensive than those that have a solid wood center such as the arched and cathedral designs. While it may seem that there's not much difference between the various prices, even several dollars can add up when you're replacing 20 doors. These costs are from one vendor and may vary depending on the manufacturer and distributor you choose. Refacing kitchen cabinets can be a great way to give the room an upgrade on a budget, but keep in mind that the door style can affect your final cost.



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