Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

How to Achieve Kitchen Remodeling Success

by Joe Cooper
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

The kitchen remodeling market is a staggering $35 billion industry, which shows how expensive it can be to give your kitchen a new look. Evaluating what you can afford and creating an option that meets your family's needs can save a lot of headaches.

The Price of Remodeling

Remodeling Magazine reported in 2005 that the average high-end kitchen remodeling costs $82,000. Even if you don't choose luxury materials and fine finishings, the kitchen is simply an expensive place to remodel. The financial stress has taken its toll on many a homeowner.

The logistical challenges can be difficult too. Trying to live and sleep through the noise, creating different pathways through your home, eating take-out or at friends' and neighbors' for months on end--the list of compromises goes on.

Less Drastic Remodeling

All of these burdens, typical of a drastic kitchen remodeling project, can make the whole project a negative experience. If certain elements of your kitchen are salvageable, however, you can consider a more targeted kitchen remodeling project, like cabinet refacing.

Cabinet refacing is less drastic than full cabinet replacement, not to mention around half as expensive. One huge benefit is the amount of time you can save: refacing can be accomplished in a matter of weeks. Some homeowners don't lose their kitchen's functionality during the process, either.

If your whole kitchen needs replacement and you have the budget, you may want to bite the bullet. But if your budget is less than $10,000, and your timeline under a month, cabinet refacing is a viable option that can give your kitchen the new look it needs.


About the Author
Joe Cooper writes home services and design articles and edits medical literature. He holds a bachelor's in American Literature from UCLA.

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