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How to Install Cheap Protection for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

by Craig Friesen
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Choosing which type of protection to use for your custom kitchen cabinets isonly half the battle; proper installation is just as important. By taking propermeasures to install the protective device you will enjoy long lasting results.After all, what good is cheap custom kitchen protection if you have to continuouslyreplace it?

Preparing Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The first step in preparing your custom kitchen cabinets for lining is emptyingthem completely. Once they are empty you can evaluate the state of your drawersor cabinets. If they are chipped or seriously soiled you may want to paint yourcustom kitchen cabinet interior prior to lining them.

If painting your kitchen cabinets, you will want to be sure to give sufficienttime for the surface to completely cure before applying the cheap protectiveliner. With latex that can be as long as 2 weeks, oil-based paint approximately48 hours. Ask your paint retailer for advice on curing times.

If painting your kitchen cabinets is not necessary, wash them thoroughly withwarm soapy water and rinse with a clarifying agent such as a mild vinegar solution.

Applying the Cheap Liner to Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether dealing with adhesive or non-adhesive liners, both cheap protection typesfor your custom kitchen cabinets require precise fitting.
  • Lay out the liner on a large flat surface.
  • Take precise measurements of one drawer or cabinet shelf at a time.
  • Use a carpenter's square to achieve right angle cuts.
  • Use sharp cutting devices to make clean edges.
  • When dealing with adhesive liners, lay the paper in the shelf or drawer    with the backing still intact then peel the leading edge and secure before    slowly affixing the rest.
  • Smooth out air bubbles with a warm damp cloth.
  • Pierce any remaining air bubbles with a needle to let the air escape.

When you have finished installing the cheap protective liner in your custom kitchencabinets, allow time for the liner to fully adhere to the cabinet surface beforerestocking.

About the Author
Craig Friesen is a freelance writer living in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from University of Manitoba and a Master of Divinity degree from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana.

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