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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing--An Ideal Renovation Option for Your Lifestyle and Budget

by Sue Booth
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Not convinced that kitchen cabinet refacing may be your best renovation option? Here's the lowdown on other cabinet renovation alternatives.

Alternative #1-Replacing Your Cabinets

You may have your heart set on the idea of a complete set of new and updated cabinets. However, replacing your cabinets is the most expensive option (Cost on average: $20,000-$50,000) and although the resale value on your house should increase, the investment won't pay for itself. Plus, your kitchen is out of commission for weeks.

Alternative #2-Painting or Refinishing Your Cabinets

Painting or refinishing existing cabinets is an attractive option because it's fairly inexpensive (Cost on average: $2,500-$5,000). Keep in mind, however, that painting and refinishing are temporary solutions that do not change your cabinet style and add limited value to your home. You may also have chemical odors in your house for weeks.

Alternative #3-Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a long-term solution to your outdated cabinets that can yield a return of investment of over 90%. Refacing can include completely replacing cabinet doors in new styles with new materials. You'll have a variety of cabinet styles to choose from for only a third of the cost and time that it takes to remodel with new cabinets. You also won't have to contend with the chemical smells of repainting or refinishing.

Refacing your cabinets is a great remodeling option because you improve existing cabinets that are already installed and operational. But cabinet refacing provides more benefits than simply painting, refinishing, or buying new. From cabinet refacing cost, to renovation time, to high home resale value; kitchen cabinet refacing comes out on top.

About the Author
Sue Booth is a freelance writer and a former product analyst for Good Housekeeping magazine. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

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