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Selecting Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

by John Tuthill
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you're designing or remodeling your kitchen, choosing hardware for your cabinets may seem overwhelming at first but can actually be quite fun, and is always important. When chosen carefully, the right slides, knobs, and pulls can make your kitchen cabinets pop like the perfect accessory.

It's important to match the finishes and styles of hardware to the overall theme of your kitchen cabinets. Hardware finishes with a metallic gleam or enameled gloss set the tone for lustrous, modern kitchen cabinets. More traditional brushed finishes, or polished pewter, nickel, and brass provide an air of elegance and age. Kitchen cabinet hardware comes in a variety of finishes, metal types, and colors. For example, consider the following categories of cabinet hardware to personalize your kitchen cabinets.

Knobs and Pulls

Knobs and pulls get seen. Knobs are mounted to doors and drawers from the inside with a single screw. Pulls are similar to knobs, but are bigger and generally require more than one screw.

Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are ranked from light to heavy, most often by the load they will bear. Side-mount drawer slides provide more durability and last longer than single-mount slides. Ball-bearing slides, nylon, rollers, and drawer stops help drawers roll smoothly without falling out of the cabinets.

Don't be overwhelmed by the options before you. Simply browse the available styles and finishes and select the one that you think will look the best on your kitchen cabinets. Take it home, try it out, and enjoy your kitchen's new look.

About the Author
John Tuthill is a cabinet maker and a regular FaceYourKitchen columnist. He lives in Missoula, Montana.

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