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Ways to Save During a Kitchen Remodeling

by Joe Cooper
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Homeowners reap less than an average of 80% on the cost of a major kitchen remodeling. You need to watch how much you spend and ensure you're getting the most from your remodel? Cabinets are key. Here are some tips to show you how to save your money while making your kitchen sparkle.

Giving your kitchen a new look and adding functionality is essential to any kitchen remodeling, but you also want to get the return on investment (ROI) that you expect. Major kitchen remodels don't always guarantee this, and as Remodeling magazine reports, no major kitchen remodel gives you 100% return on your investment.

Focus on Your Cabinets

You can save on a kitchen remodeling project in several ways and some of the most significant savings can be found in your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are "a key focus point," writes PR Wire. Going "semi-custom" is a good suggestion when remodeling your kitchen cabinets. You can save a bundle if you decide against an entirely custom installation, and still totally renew the look of your kitchen. An even more affordable way to produce a brand new look for your kitchen is cabinet refacing, which leaves your cabinet boxes intact and simply refaces or replaces the cabinet doors and drawers.

A Good Project for Different Outcomes

Choosing to splurge on extras like hardware, hinges, and novel features (Lazy Susans, corner drawers) can spruce up your kitchen without costing a fortune. If your cabinets are functional and don't need complete replacement, refacing can increase your chances of getting a good ROI when you sell your home. If you’re staying, your newly refaced cabinets can improve the quality of life in your kitchen for a significantly lower price tag than replacing them.


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